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this made me think of improv - YES and - from The Young Ones

[interlude between scenes]

Alexei Sayle: ‘Scuse me, is this the cheese shop?

Bartender: No sir.

Alexei Sayle: Well that’s that sketch knackered then, isn’t it?

[cuts back to main program]



Amy P. was recently on The Approval Matrix, and was asked about the difficulties the “modern man” face. 

Her response was perfect.

(gif via amypoehler, article via micdotcom)

This woman!


Tina Fey(daughter Alice Richmond) does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

smart woman (as always)



Not only are the Middle Ages constructed as a nostalgically longed-for pre-race utopia, the same argument is also used to in attempts exclude people of color from contemporary fan communities and to construct those communities as normatively white.

People of color are only welcome in many medievalist digital spaces if they pass as white by not asking questions or commenting on any thread to do with race, let alone starting one.

The myth of the monochrome Middle Ages, in which the medieval is originary, pure, and white, transcends geographical and temporal boundaries. It is attached, through supposed biological descent, to white bodies, wherever and whenever they go, even into the apparently non-corporeal digital realms of fan-forums, television and video-games.

There are many fans of color of popular culture medievalisms, but a hostile milieu which consistently repeats the messages that ‘you don’t belong in the Middle Ages’ and the ‘the Middle Ages are not yours’ actively discourages setting out on, let alone completing, a journey from interested fan to professional scholar.



Helen Young is throwing some haymakers here.

Fuck yes.

Harold Lloyd tries his best to help John Aasen lose that tooth……

Why Worry? (1923)



This whole thing has been put into words by so many other people, and much better than me probably, but it’s just depressing to realize that it’s not that this police department is incompetent. If the tactics they have taken during the protests, and the long-term pattern of abuse and harassment of…


this is some of the most sexist shit for real


College humor knows where it’s at