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It is illegal for women to go topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So, you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear breasts, in America.

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This is one of my favorite quotes about sexualization/objectification vs autonomy of female bodies bc it’s so succinct

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That reminded us of this:


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Start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
Literally, ignore them.
Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your space.

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They just DO NOT exist.

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here’s hoping

I’m performing in a show tonight even though my heart’s not in it, hoping it’ll get my mind off my brother’s death. I really don’t know if it’s the right thing to do or a stupid thing to do.

my father tried this once

my father once called me stupid, or rather tried to call me stupid, when I was in - my late teens? early 20s? He’d already made me so secure in my intelligence by then (as had my mother, my siblings, my schools) that there was no way in hell those words could effect me and I told him that in no uncertain terms.  He was a dear man in many ways but he could also be mean. Or try to be.

I’m not the smartest person around, but stupid? nah. Good try daddio

I had to tell *someone*!

ok my FB friends are probably tired of me freaking out when a celebrity follows me on twitter, but I have to tell someone, I just noticed Richard Lewis is following me! I didn’t catch it in real time. I love him! It’s silly I know, to get starstruck. But there you have it.

Thanks for listening 

paul mccartney’s health update (x)

dumbass motherfuckers

this dumbass motherfucker on twitter better get a clue quick I am not in the mood

When we took Shakespeare’s “Measure for Measure” into a maximum security woman’s prison on the West Side…there’s a scene there where a young woman is told by a very powerful official that “If you sleep with me, I will pardon your brother. And if you don’t sleep with me, I’ll execute him.” And he leaves the stage. And this character, Isabel, turned out to the audience and said: “To whom should I complain?” And a woman in the audience shouted: “The Police!” And then she looked right at that woman and said: “If I did relate this, who would believe me?” And the woman answered back, “No one, girl.” And it was astonishing because not only was it an amazing sense of connection between the audience and the actress, but you also realized that this was a kind of an historical lesson in theater reception. That’s what must have happened at The Globe. These soliloquies were not simply monologues that people spoke, they were call and response to the audience. And you realized that vibrancy, that that sense of connectedness is not only what makes theater great in prisons, it’s what makes theater great, period.

-Oskar Eustis on ArtBeat Nation (he told the same story on Charlie Rose)

Terrifying and beautiful.

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Amanda Waller: A unique presence in comics


imageDespite the fact that she’s murdered people, illegally sent people to prison, black mailed people, run a covert government organization that resulted in people being killed, I have great love for Amanda Waller. Amanda was different than other female characters. She had power. She never played by the rules. She had her own agenda and did not suffer fools gladly. And she is a patriot who loves her country. But it’s a tough love. The kind of love, perhaps, one learns after having as tough a life as Amanda Waller. How many other characters in comics are widows who move out the Cabrini-Green projects and end up working for the president of the United States?

But the main thing that was great about Amanda was that she looked like no else in comics. Women of color are rare enough. Women leading teams are rare enough. But a black woman in power old enough to have grown children and who was not thin like a supermodel ? That was groundbreaking.

That’s why I, like many other people, was taken aback to see the Amanda Waller in the new 52 yesterday. Here she is again in case you didn’t read this:


Below are some thoughts on “the Wall.”

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Oh no, they didn’t.


Amanda Waller, who represented two under represented groups of people in comics, women of color and people of size, now represents just one.


I get it it must be a return to the most “iconic ver…  wait Amanda Waller has something to say …


I hear you Amanda, I hear you.

Not everyone looks the same in this world. There are people in wheelchairs and people of size. I’d like to see some in my comics, too.